In 2015, Brandy Gueary started Authentically B to explore her love of fashion, beauty, and beyond. Immediately, Brandy leaned into the authentic side of social media, finding pride in sharing the good, the bad, and the downright real. However, a few years in, Brandy noticed a disturbing trend—filters, editing, and photoshopping galore with no sort of disclaimer. Other creators weren't exactly being truthful about their content, so Brandy began tagging her photos with #BeautyDisclaimer to push back against the trend of perfectionism and share the truth behind her posts.

#BeautyDisclaimer let her audience know if she was wearing makeup, had hair extensions in, and if the image itself had been edited for color. It was a simple truth to share, but with one hashtag, Brandy started to chip away at the secrecy of a curated feed and go behind the beauty.

Since, Beauty Disclaimer has evolved into an online community where women can have real, unfiltered conversations about real, unfiltered beauty—how they see it, how they achieve it and, most importantly, what goes into it.

xoxo, brandy

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